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Despite the proliferation of financial products, DeFi has yet to produce a savings system

A simple product and secure enough to achieve mass adoption. The
price volatility of most crypto assets makes participation unsuitable
suitable for the vast majority of consumers.
That is why we have created a savings product to address this pressing need,
Introducing BANK COIN CRYPTO GLOBAL (BCCG), a savings offering performance powered by
rewards for both investors, partners and future token holders.
☑️ Get up to 200% profit on your invested capital.
A clear example is the type of percentage terms for clients of traditional banks. Are not
very lucrative since most of the profits are divided among the bank’s partners.
In Bank Coin Crypto Global (BCCG) the percentage terms are divided equally between
the investor, partner, holders and Bank Coin Crypto Global (BCCG).
How does BCCG work?
Example: If $50 is invested, that is used to generate profit by doing the following tasks,
arbitration, mining, trading and loans. Having results for compliance from Monday to
Friday of the ROI selected by the investor.
At the end of the investment ROI, the initial capital is in favor of Bank Coin Crypto Global (BCCG) on
which will be distributed in the following way 50% will be injected into the liquidity of the token 25%
distributed among BCCG members AND 25% to the BCCG reserve.

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