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At the highest level, BITA is the native token of the BitAstir DAsO & ACM network. Being the native digital asset means that $BITA acts as a vehicle to: denominate the network’s activity, capture the value in arbitrating out legacy institutions fees, & facilitate the instantiation of Digital bitAthletes. Come over to the site / our official blog to learn more.

The Ultimate goal of the BITA token is to become an alternative monetary asset that complements, supplements & ultimately supersedes all adjacent/preceding forms of money. Through meticulous design & rigorous simulations/backtesting the BITA token has been purpose built to satisfy the three foundational primitives of a monetary asset with the added benefits of public blockchain transparency to align & sustainably fuel stakeholder-network activity.

Check out our working Token Economics Whitepaper v0.1 https://www.bitastir.io/_next/static/chunks/src/assets/tokenomics.e0425449a4e65ef6a357.pdf

If you have any questions please reach out to as anytime via our social media!

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