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Bitvincy blockchain global payment method is the result of our joint efforts to develop a new better coin that can serve as a good alternative to the gold standard Bitcoin. Various alternative currencies have come and gone.

Some brought innovation, but they all had problems. Bitvincy is a peer-to-peer internet currency that allows instant, nearly free payments to anyone in the world. Bitvincy is a global payment network that is fully decentralized and has no central authorities. No one can counterfeit transactions, initiate chargebacks, or seize funds.

Not even a state. While this makes it harder to retrieve lost money, it also makes it harder to lose your money. With enough care, this coin is a far more practical alternative to FIAT money. The math secures the network and empowers individuals to control their own finances.

Bitvincy offers faster transaction confirmation times and better storage efficiency than the leading math-based currency. With significant industry support, trading volume, and liquidity, Bitvincy is a proven trading medium to complement Bitcoin.

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