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A common problem in the Defi space is that liquidity providers suffer
from impermanent loss diminishing the APY that farms and liquidity
providers can make.

The Blastoff static reflection takes some of this pain away by constantly
providing new liquidity from within the contract, thus stabilizing the price
and reducing the amount of impermanent loss liquidity providers

The protocol takes a 5% fee from every transaction and locks those
tokens as liquidity once a certain threshold is reached. This liquidity is
locked and directly burned by the protocol, no human hands will ever
have control over these LP (liquidity pool) tokens.

The Blastoff protocol is also designed to rewards long-term holders and
liquidity providers. The protocol charges a 2% fee on every transaction
and redistributed those tokens to all the Blastoff holders.

Furthermore, we burn 2% of every transaction so the supply is always
shrinking which is favorable for long-time holders who only get more
tokens over time.

We are also the first protocol to distribute tokens to NFT owners through
static reflection. 1% of every transaction gets reserved in a fund where
Blastoff NFT Ticket owners can claim rewards.

So owning one of these exclusive NFT’s will provide you with a steady
supply of new Blastoff tokens every day.

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