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Colligo is a Latin word that means “to bind”. In the same spirit, the token creators aspire to bring the online arts and collectibles community together through the issuance of Colligo Tokens.

Colligo Token is a “community first” arts and collectibles token. The vision of Colligo token is to build a socially responsible community of artists and collectors who appreciate, and have an interest in the development of, the “Gold standard” adopted by the Fusion NFT (FNFT), build a strong branding for FNFT, and to support and develop international art in an environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and transparent governance manner.

Colligo Token is one of the few “community first” tokens. Its purpose is not to raise funds (unlike many other projects). The primary purpose is to benefit the community and the secondary purposes include community building, brand building, and the support and development of international art. Because art can bring people from all walks of life and who speak different languages together.

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