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Dolphin Finance for Nature

Our goal is to take blockchain technology one step further. By doing it this way? No, no.
Our aim is not to contribute to the blockchain, we aim to help organizations that help solve the
problems in the world.
In order to make the world more livable, we aim to use blockchain technology and establish a
network of cooperation. This way both the investors and the world will win. What could be more
pleasing than this?Air pollution, environmental pollution, soil pollution, sea and water pollution,
waste, drought, hunger, viruses and diseases, endangered animals? Sounds like we have lots of
problems, doesn’t it?These are to name a few. So, what are we going to do about it?How are we
going to do it?

Come and join us. Let’s help build a better world together..
3% Liquidity pool
3% Holders
4% charity wallet

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