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Door Coin

DOOR is the first lead exchange powered by crypto to reward consumers. DOOR rewards consumers every time advertisers access their data. Door removes the middleman and enables a direct connection between consumers and businesses.
DOOR is the native utility token that is used for:
Rewards given to consumers who register their information and property
Businesses pay to access opt-in consumer data to sell products and services
Consumers connect with businesses when they need a product or service.
Enables a fair market value for consumer data and leads based on supply and demand.
DOOR tools include:
DOOR Wallet to provide easy licensing of real-time opt-in leads over the network.
DOOR Lead Exchange where consumers register and receive rewards each time their data is accessed by a business.
DOOR Lead Exchange where businesses can easily access opt-in consumer leads and provide information about their products and services.
Full Integration with Metamask Wallet

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