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EcoBitcoin ($ECOBTC) is the first community-driven and eco-friendly Bitcoin combined with innovative tokenomics and a revolutionary new AirMining process. The EcoBitcoin Protocol was created by the anonymous developer and/or development team EcoSatoshi Nakamoto, and was designed to greatly increase in value over time due to its deflationary mechanisms and custom tokenomics.

Our mission is to support the vast adoption of renewable and environmentally-friendly cryptocurrency mining, as well as meet the present and future needs of Planet Earth as the most eco-friendly Bitcoin option. We plan on not only educating society about the environmental impact of everyday assets; our goal is to become part of the ecological solution.

EcoBitcoin uses a revolutionary new eco-friendly mining process termed AirMining, where every buy, sell, and transfer transaction AirMines (or auto-redistributes) coins to existing holders through the use of transaction fees. The more EcoBitcoin you hold in your wallet, the more $ECOBTC you AirMine and earn from.

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