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The GreenLend Token (GLend)
GreenLend is an eco-friendly Lending and Savings protocol built on the Energy Web and BSC networks. GLend is the native utility token of the GreenLend protocol. The token will have multiple use cases for governance, platform utility, and much more. It is initially a BEP20 token but a migration to the Energy Web blockchain will be done shortly after the launch.
Dual Income Streams
$GLend provides an automatic dual stream of passive income for holders.

Inflation pays you, which means that the increased supply of $GLend is instantly distributed and reflected in the holders balance.

Additionally, a tax and burn mechanism is applied.
2% of each transaction is instantly and equally split between the $GLend token holders and a burn.
Inflation/Deflation Ratio
Inflation is inversely proportional to volume, which means that when volume is high, the burn rate will exceed the inflation rate, thus reducing the supply of tokens.

This dual function is a way to naturally encourage trading volume and control inflation

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