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Running on the Binance smart chain, Hero Floki is the latest cryptocurrency to
descend from meme dad DogeCoin. More specifically, it is a hyper-deflationary
altcoin with a smart sharing system built into the ecosystem, so BUSD and CAKE
are added to each user’s wallet. This means that cardholders automatically
receive a 4% BUSD and %4 CAKE commission for every transaction that takes place
on the HERO FLOKI network.
Hero Floki may be the latest meme coin craze whose value is about to explode.
The coin is allegedly created by fans of elon musk and aims to improve transaction
speed and ‘worship’. The coin has a 5 second block time and generally cheaper gas
rates compared to DOGE’s 60 seconds.
Hero Floki is still in its infancy, both in terms of project progress and market value. But
progress is being made – and a succinct comment from Elon Musk has ignited
enthusiasm around this new project dedicated to dogs.
Trying to capitalize on the huge popularity of Dogecoin, the ecosystem continues to
grow rapidly. This continues to indirectly support its value and potential for DOGE
memes. A potential and community leading him to also be listed on eToro (here for a
free demo account), a broker that has 23 of the top cryptocurrencies listed and is also
known for its CopyTrading – to copy the best ones or spy on their portfolios – and wellbalanced crypto baskets for CopyPortfolios

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