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Hot Doge

Hotdoge is a powerfully branded, community driven, and deflationary Binance Smart Chain token focused on building a solid foundational infrastructure for constant and steady growth. Developing web apps, a moduled progressive mobile app for Android and iOS, NFT technology and outreach, smart contracts, gaming and commercial partnerships with businesses are the initiatives that will help to establish the token as an elite level currency. Dogecoin has paved the way for currencies like ours proving that your memes don’t have to always be dreams. We however aim to surpass the legacy of the mighty Dogecoin through our tokenomics, increased utility, and dynamic branding.

On the subject of tokenomics, all transactions are subject to an 8% fee, wherein 4% is locked away into liquidity until the year 2100, effectively slowly burning supply over time. 4% is also distributed to all holders in the community. Using HotDoge instead of Dogecoin doesn’t require powerful and energy intensive equipment to mine. All stakeholders share in the redistribution of transaction fees which helps to stabilize the price by mitigating the ability to profitably arbitrage. This helps to insulate the token against predatory market manipulation.

Our team of business and programming professionals have a corporate governance structure to ensure that business negotiations run seamlessly and efficiently. As we have a beautifully branded product, we are also working with manufacturers of shoes and clothing to produce NFT tracked original and limited runs, which should appreciate in value.

Welcome to smart chain. Welcome to HotDoge. Welcome to the future.

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