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The leopard is known as the tiger limb. At first, people thought that the leopard was a hybrid of a lion and a tiger, so the name “leopard” appeared. Leopards are solitary animals, which avoid each other. This species is more active at night. Due to the high child mortality rate, females usually have one to two cubs and the leopard coin can also have successors such as the leopardV2 As part of the leopard coin economy that is growing in isolation in this bull market, in the future the leopard will be forced to work with more partners to become a very large community coin, Leopard will force itself to dominate the entire market, and provide a new feature environment. How? Leopard was born as Fairlaunch there are no private sales and prasale sales so it would be fair that no one buys the Leopard on the cheap. When people sell and buy leopards there will be a reduction in total supplies, which means when supplies become a little bit over time it becomes scarce and that’s great for a price increase, we don’t have any tokens, except for marketing purposes.

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