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Little Link ($LCL) is the first deflationary Binance Smart Chain token that rewards holders with Binance-Peg Chainlink. The protocol features three functions that aim to mitigate volatility. The ChainLink rewards function converts 5% of every transaction into $LINK (BEP-20) and is distributed to holders on an hourly basis. This allows holders to be rewarded in a more stable asset and incentivizes holding in times of high volume activity. The BuyBack function converts 4% of each transaction to BNB, which is automatically prompted to buy back a small percentage of $LCL after each sell. This both increases the BNB in the liquidity pool and burns the purchased $LCL. Lastly, 4% of each transaction is distributed to the liquidity pool. Each of these measures reduces the possibility of sharp devaluations and allows for a passive diversification of their crypto portfolio.

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