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$UPI aka Youpee is a crypto utility token from Pawtocol – $UPI was created as a way for animal’s in need to help themselves!

Pawtocol is a global online community of pet lovers who are disrupting the pet industry by leveraging blockchain technology while monetizing data about their pets.

Data is aggregated from IOT devices like our Blockchain Pet Tag, vets and more. Users maintain full control over the data about their pets.

What we do – Working to create a better, safer pet industry

Help a global community of pet parents collect and process data about their pet’s well-being through the use of sensors and professionals to help prevent illness through tailored care and nutrition instructions.

Give users a Universal Pet Income (UPI Token AKA Youpee ) that compensates them for the value of the data they provide to the network. UPI can be exchanged for products and services on the platform.

Help eliminate predatory marketing practices while recommending medicines, foods, treats, and toys from providers proven to benefit pet well-being.

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