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Based on the history of cocoa, and as the Aztecs learned from the Mayans the cultivation and use of cocoa, they called peanuts to cocoa and xocolatl to the aromatic drink that was obtained from its fruits.

At that time, xocolatl was appreciated as a restorative to give strength and awaken the sexual appetite, treat fatigue, increase the weight of the malnourished, stimulate the nervous system of the apathetic, exhausted or weak, improve digestion. There is the X that is combined with CAO cocoa tree with the scientific name of Theobroma cacao, whose meaning in Latin is “food of the gods”.

This tree is a symbol of abundance, governance and ancestry (race, caste) and serves as a metaphorical conduit through which the souls of humans and gods travel through earth, heaven and hell. It also represents coffee and coconut products that have generated a culture that has been one of the bases in the development of the economy of humanity, therefore its relationship with gold, its value as a means of ancestral payment, surrounded by a development in all its environment, thus giving a high tangible and intangible value combined in this Token for the ecosystem.

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